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About Us

We're the Berger Family and we're addicted to travel. Any chance we get, we try to hit the road - or the air - or the water - to getaway, take in new experiences, and bond as a family. 

Two important things to know about us: we like to travel light (backpacks only!) and we like to travel cheap. We should say "cheap" because we will spend where needed (or wanted!) to make our vacations great, but we do work hard to find deals and trim from areas that really don't affect the overall quality and experience of our trip. How we do it isn't for everyone. But for those looking to see and do as much as they can while cutting a few corners here and there, read on!

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Per grew up in New Jersey with a summer cottage in Sweden.  He spent many summers in Europe and Maine, and took beach vacations in Mexico and the Caribbean.  He loves food and has a knack for remembering exactly where and what he ate in any travel destination, and can retrace his steps to find it again on future trips unaided by a map.  In his 20's he had the awesome opportunity to use his mom’s airline flight privileges and learned to travel on a whim when spots were available.  There is no way he could ever pick a favorite travel memory because he wouldn't be able to narrow it down.


Caren grew up in a family that never travelled, unless you count the one driving trip from MN to Wisconsin Dells and camping.  She took her first plane ride in 8th grade when she went with a friend to Texas and Florida.  When she studied abroad in Australia during college things changed and she never wanted to return.  From that point on, she tries to spend all time off on vacation somewhere and usually plans her next trip on the way home from the current trip.  Her favorite parts of trips are foreign grocery stores, art and theatre and exploring new areas.  Her favorite place in the world is NYC with second place going to anywhere with great nature (it's kind of the ying/yang thing).


Sophie travelled to Europe and Australia before she was 18 months old.  She is very adaptable, easy going and willing to try new things and is a joy as a travel companion.  She lives and breaths Disney so much that we joke she will need to find a man who wants to get married on Castaway Cay!  She can live without museum days, unless they are really short or very cool.  If she could, she would go on a Disney Cruise at least once a year.  Obviously her favorite trips include anything Disney and also London.


Nick has been dragged unwillingly to many places.  He loves hotels and prefers to stay in them rather than go explore.  He hates trying new food and has lived on pretzels and bread in many countries.  He is very willing to do active or adventurous excursions but hates castles, museums and old towns.  His perfect vacation day is a cruise or a beach with all you can drink fruity beverages.  He likes to do backflips every place we go and often takes days planning for the perfect backflip photo location.  Barcelona and NYC are his favorite cities and smoothies are his favorite street food.


Isabelle went to Disney when she was 2 months old and slept the entire vacation.  She likes to revisit her favorite spots more than try new ones.  While traveling, she lives for playtime and swimming at hotels and going to parks.  She has the ability to spend hours in art museums and cried when we left the Louvre before she had seen everything. She panics that we will not be able to get food in a country where we do not speak the language and is adamantly opposed to an Asia trip for this reason. If she could, she would spend every vacation in NYC seeing as many Broadway shows as possible.


Lillian has been taking trips before the “perfect age” for her entire life.  At 4 she loved French art museums and could compare and contrast Renoir and Monet.  She was once used in a pickpocket scheme by a team of gypsies in Paris and was disconnected with us when getting on the train.  In turn, she had an insane fear of public transportation for years!  She realized this year that she loves scary roller coasters, zip lining and adventure activities.  Her biggest travel strength is her sense of directions which allows her to navigate around NYC herself and always find the way back to our hotels.

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